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Sounds of indie punk

By Kathleen Charlebois, for

THUNDER BAY -- If the music of Star Wars can be mixed with electronica, then certainly the sounds of indie and punk can be shaken together.

Toronto-based band The Soles will hit the stage at the Foundry July 25 to promote the release of their new EP Anodos Kathodos, which was released June 3. Lead vocalist and guitarist Din Yalonen, who goes by Din, says Thunder Bay can expect an out-of-the-ordinary show along with band members Austin Gembora on drums and Adam Gomori on lead guitar and vocals.

“We try to do a very entertaining, hopefully inspiring and somewhat larger than normal, indie show sound," he said during a recent phone interview with "It’s a really fun time.”

Din says the band's influences come from indie staples like Arcade Fire and Vampire Weekend, with contributions from the sounds of the Ramones and the Clash.

Anodos Kathodos originally started out as electronic experimentation on songs that were going to be released as a full album with a regular band.

“We realized that the experimentation actually worked and they sounded great. I was just listening to a playlist at the gym one day, and they were really motivating me to actually jog, which is a really hard thing to do," Din said with a laugh.

The song Rebel Force Radio, which appears on the new EP, was originally written for a popular Star Wars podcast of the same name.

Din says he struck up an Internet friendship with the guys that run the Rebel Force Radio podcast over a number of years while they worked on another podcast. Once they decided to start what would become their own show, they asked Din to write them a theme song, and Rebel Force Radio was the result.

Din says the song will appear again on their next full-length album under the title First Light with a different chorus.

The song is about the call to adventure, “where the person is called to a larger world than the one they live in, and they have to leave the farm.”

The Soles first performed in Thunder Bay as part of the Finn Thunder festival in Thunder Bay. They also also played a show at the Foundry.

“The Foundry liked us so much, they asked us to come back, so that’s what we’re doing on the 25th,” Din said.


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